Be in My Music Video!

Be in My Music Video!

Do you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area? Would you like to be in my next music video?

I’m currently in the studio working on my next album, Sometimes the Wolves are Silent. Sometime this spring we’ll be shooting the music video for a feature cut off the album called Lady of the Woods. The premise behind the music video is that the lady was cast out of her village as a witch and went to live in refuge in a cabin in the woods. It’s a song about triumph over oppression.

We’ll be shooting at the Mount Rainier area near Seattle/Tacoma whenever the road opens up for the spring. When the shoot is scheduled, the date(s) and time(s) will be posted on this website.

What to Expect
The shoot will be about one day long barring any disasters or catastrophes:). There will be a storyboard and a shot list for everyone who decides to participate. If this is your first time being in a music video, a storyboard is sort of like a “cartoon” of the music video. It tells the story of the song. From that storyboard, a shot list is made. The shot list tells everyone involved what shots are needed for the video, a general idea of how they will look, and who will be included in each shot.

The shot list and the storyboard help the video shoot to go much faster because that way everybody knows where they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing. When the storyboard and shot list are completed, they will be posted on this website and all participants will be given a password to access it.

For Lady of the Woods I need one female lead who will play the “witch,” and several extras. The lead is a paid position; the rest are volunteer positions; however, all volunteers get a free mp3 copy of the album when it’s produced. There may be t-shirts involved as well if I can arrange it in time.

We’ll also need a few volunteers to help out with the video shoot. These volunteers don’t have to be in the video but can assist with things like lighting, sound, etc. Light snacks will be provided at the event!

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the contact form below.


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